February Preschool Ideas (2024)

February Preschool Ideas (1)

Here are some fun resources, activities, and engaging ideas for you to celebrate throughout the month of February.February is a month that’s a tad shorter than the rest but still packed with fun and important holidays! February is a great month to focus on love, friendships, community, and dental health.

Post Office

Where would we be without the post office? What better time than February to talk to your preschoolers about the important role the post office plays in our everyday life. And, preschoolers love getting mail. Our free post office theme page is full of fun activities and crafts to teach your preschoolers more about the mail system. You can also check out our related resources, and books picks for this theme!

Post Office Dramatic Play

Adding a Post Office Dramaticplay center is an excellent way to teach your preschoolers about how the mail system works! And, gives your preschooler the opportunity to be the mail man/woman.

Get this Dramatic Play Pack!

DIY Mail Bag

Your preschoolers are busy writing letters, and receiving letters but how are they going to keep track of all their mail? A DIY mail bag is the perfect solution to store all of their mail while practicing their fine motor skills and fostering creativity with a DIY mail bag project.

Try this!

Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, which means this month is filled with hearts, love, and discussing the importance of family and friends! OurValentine's themeis loaded with crafts, activities, and resources that your preschoolers will love. Below you will find some of the activities that are must-try throughout February. Don't forget to grab thesefree Valentine's Day Play Dough mats!

Valentine's Slime

Your preschoolers hearts will explode with this festive yet gooey Valentine's Day slime. Slime is a great sensory experience and preschoolers LOVE it. Check out the directions on how to make your own here.

Try this!

Guess Whose Smile

This is the perfect bulletin boards to display for February (it's perfect for Dental health or valentine's week) It is such a fun activity for students and parents to guess who is who. You can also make a class booklet or a worksheet to send home as an activity for preschoolers to do with their parents.​Member Karen J. created this great Smile Display! This is such a great display for parents, so much fun!

February Preschool Ideas (5)

Valentine Suncatcher

Suncatchers are one of my favorite crafts to make, they make a great indoor decoration in the classroom and preschoolers of all ages love making them.

Try this!

Dental Health

Dental health is one of those themes that is packed with soooo many hidden activities that are awesome. It is a theme that is both educational and super engaging for preschool students. It's a great time to try activities like painting with a toothbrush and discussing the importance of good dental health. Adental health themeis perfect for celebrating in February since it's National Dental Health Month. If you are looking for more dental health activities, our Dental Health activity pack has many options for you to incorporate with your preschoolers.

Dental Office Dramatic Play

Often times the dentist can be a scary place for young children. It's different than going to the doctor as it's a bit invasive. But, setting up a dentist office in your classroom can help preschoolers ease their worries and be excited about going to the dentist.

Toothbrush Painting

A simple yet fun experience for preschoolers. This out of the box process art toothbrush painting activity allows preschoolers to learn about the different texture and ways a toothbrush works. Grab your favorite colors and hit the paper!

Try this!


While you are exploring community helpers this month, why not learn more about Librarians and Libraries? A trip to the library will break up the monotony of a long wintry day.

There are so many special things to do at the library, check out our Tips for Visiting the Library with Preschoolers blog post to get the most out of your visit.

February Preschool Ideas (8)

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is celebrate in February. Teach your preschoolers all about this important holiday withactivities from theChinese New Year Activities Pack.​ Or, celebrate the New Year with creating your ownChinese restaurant.

Rattle Drum Craft

Music and celebrations are a huge part of the Chinese New Year. Make a rattle drum with your preschoolers as the perfect activity to pair with your Chinese New Year's activities.

February Preschool Ideas (9)

Groundhog Day

Will there be 6 more weeks of winter? Only the groundhogknows! Celebrate this fun holiday with your students on February 2nd. Be sure to download our Free Groundhog Day activity pack! Your students will love participating in the group survey, and learning more about groundhogs. This holiday is also a great introductions to discussing seasons and hibernation.

Woodland Forest Animals

After celebrating Groundhog's Day you can dive into a woodland animals theme to learn about some of a groundhog's friends. This is a great theme for encouraging your preschoolers to learn more about nature. Be sure to check out our recommended Forest Books! Books are a great way to introduce your preschoolers to new animals and habitats.

Black History Month

Februaryis Black History Month, and a time to celebrateachievements of Black peoplethroughout our history. Check out our Black Inventors and Science activity pack for somegreat activities to help yourpreschoolers learnabout some very important contributions that changed American Life.

Presidents Day

February 21st is President's Day. The concept of presidents can be a confusing topic for our preschoolers but with fun and simple activities it can be a great learning experience. Grab a few books and dive into this topic! And, ask your preschooler what they would do if they were president...a fun and hilarious activity! Acut and paste activity can be a helpful way to introduce the foundations of our presidents.


Every year the Super Bowl is hosted during the month of February. Whether you have little football fans on your hands or not, this month is a great time to introduce football and sports into your classrooms. And, what an excellent opportunity to teach your students about a classic American tradition.

Pizza Day

National Pizza Day is definitely a holiday that I am on board with. An excuse to eat a delicious piece of pizza, yum! Your preschoolers will love creating their own pizza parlor to celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9th.

National Weatherman's Day

On February 5th we celebrate the weatherman, a very important job! This is a great holiday to teach your preschoolers about the importance of our meteorologists. And, let them get creative with their own news station.

February Preschool Ideas (10)

National Polar Bear Day

February 27th is National Polar Bear Day and to celebrate I have included thisfreebiefor your students to practice numerical order in fun arctic animal themes.

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February Preschool Ideas (2024)
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