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In this video, I told my twitch stream viewers to send me a bunch of memes on discord to use on tiktok for artificial intelligence, some I also got on google, and it got so weird lMaO. I used pictures like the sus minion, spongebob, phineas and ferb, extreme demon from geometry dash, and a lot of other random juice.

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Tick, Tock, everybody's favorite platform about a month ago.

I was scrolling through the hot garbage until I started to see people using this effect where they take a picture of themselves.

And it turns them into an anime character.

So then I was like what if you use this filter on literally anything so I decided to have my Discord server, send me a bunch of random photos to use this on and let's just say, this was the most unexpected stuff ever at least they can't do SpongeBob wrong.


Anyways, this video was streamed live on Twitch, Linked, In, the description and I hope you enjoy the video.

Wow, hi YouTube.

I forgot guys say, hi YouTube, say, hi YouTube, first video of 2023.

So basically, if we look on my phone here, these are all the images I got from what you guys sent a lot of them are very random a lot of them that make any sense at all, but we're gonna be going through a lot of them and seeing what happens to these because this filter is ridiculous.

So first off let's start off with the minion and see what happens to it again.

It does it differently.

Every single time you are ruining my childhood.

This is so bad let's.

Take a look guys.

Now we're gonna see what the weird minion looks like I'm, scared.


One thing I forgot to mention is that that screenshot of the AI photo you just made and make another one out of that creating an infinite Loop of garbage.

So just wanted to say that since I do it a few more times in the video and they're talking into like an astronaut or something bro it's.

So weird, oh my, gosh, wait.

What do I do like one more time? Whoa? Why is it 10 different now? Guys, what's the next one we should do now I say, let's do the nerd face let's do nerd let's do nerd.

You know what that's Shin or something or something bro it's higher is RTX bro.

All right, um, let's.


Another, one, um, bro.

What is this said? This I, don't, remember this, oh, my God roll.

My man looking so good.

Hold on wait.

We gotta try him one more time bro hold up let's see is he is, he always just a beautiful.

He is gorgeous.

Wait hold on.

Wait one more time.

One more time, one more time.

Okay, he's just beautiful, he's, beautiful, he's, just meant to be enormously hot bro, what a guy what a guy what a Chad? Alright, let's do the Cobblestone let's.

See what what is the thing Cobblestone is.



So Cobblestone is like a bunch of dots bro.

You guys, you can't say, smash to Cobblestone now, we're gonna turn that into it and see what happens? What is it going to turn into girl? This whole time? How did I not know this? We have much more let's? Do the extreme all of you guys know what this face is let's, see what it turns it into I'm very curious to see what happens.

All right here.

We go.



Okay, just like updated.


Hold on hold on.

I swear.

It can do more.

It can do more, dude, it's kind of cool, though, dude, it looks so cool.


So, yeah, that shows like that, I mean, I have this one on my computer for some reason it looks like a robot.

Now, oh I got it over time.

Wait? What there's a woman in there there's, a woman in there, bro, oh, my gosh, dude, bro, what a happy looking guy bro, what a happy looking guy? Oh, my gosh, dude, guys, should we do Milo? Should we do Milo? Oh, my gosh, I did Marlo multiple times, and it kept turning him to a cat.

So please do not turn into a cat.

This time, please bruh are you kidding? Me it happened again.

It always turn them into a cab.

Bro let's.

Do that what's this guy's name we'll just do him.

Let's see what he turns into he's so beautiful, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, guys, Giga, Chad.


Now now I think there's a lot to choose from there's, no way, it's going to be able to register any of this we're.

Just gonna see what happens.

Huh? The VC parane can enter the Chile chewies melts.

What what does this mean? You know what I want to see now does he know does he know see what happens? Let's? Do that twist check twitch chat, yo, China chat.

It means the chat Chinese, that's.

So cool he's.

The Stars.

Another 2.2, all right, what's.

The note 2.2, I'm gonna do let's see Megamind all right? Let's.

Do this guys? Oh, gosh.


This is gonna look so Obama, prism, Illuminati, bro.


The Lord is going way too deep.

Now bro Obama is an eyeball there's, no way.

Well, I'm taking a screenshot of that.

One bro, oh, dude.

This guy's amazing come on what is wrong? Yo, yo, yo, what's wrong with his hand.

Yo, he broke his finger.

Oh, dude, the crying face.

Oh, come on make this guy make this good bro.

Oh my gosh.

They put so much detail into the mouth that is scary bro.

This image is actually the goofiest thing I've ever seen that is so scary is that a mouth? What is that bro? Oh, my gosh, Pikachu.

You haven't done this dog.

We left this awesome looking dog.

Oh, oh my gosh, you just not to turn a dog into an anime girl wearing a dog outfit.

They are flaming these animals.

So bad, please, oh, this is the reason why murder should be legal out of every single one.

We've done I think troll face is going to be the most interesting let's just let's just see what happens.

You got eyebrowser what this could get so weird, bro, oh it's.

Getting weird.


Bro, dude, it's getting worse and worse, oh my gosh, it's.

Oh my god, dude, oh my gosh, oh my God she's, adding gray.

Now, oh my gosh, dude, we did the troll fans like 12 times, and it got weird.

We only did the minion like two I.

Think we go back and do the minion.

A bunch I think we got on the chain of Minion.

We gotta do the minion chain.

Oh, my God hahaha.

The main did its best to survive.

But sadly, he could not make it through the tough times we're at minion.


All right, we've got our new set of images and it's time, blue lobster going in first don't turn into an anime girl.

Please can't go wrong with a cheeseburger.


Come on I.

Would think that looks good if the meat didn't look like beans guys, I want to do Patrick on SpongeBob.

This would be perfect.

I, I really want to see what Patrick and SpongeBob turn into bro.

At least they can't do SpongeBob wrong.

Bro, oh, my, gosh, dude.

What is that? Dude, you cannot do them like that.

Bro, no that's SpongeBob.

Why does it look homeless now? Bro, yeah, all right.

Do my boy Patrick? Right? That's.

Bad, that's.

Bad, holy crap.

Oh, stick.

Oh, my gosh, Steve from Minecraft let's, get it let's? Get it? Oh my God.

Oh, my God.

Everybody draws female stuff of other characters.

This is literally what you see bro all right.


Give me a final character to do guys what's a final character, animated character, I'm doing Phineas and Ferb guys rounding off with Phineas and Ferb I'm, literally finding worse photos than what we're even doing bro like what even is this.

So long all right, guys the finale, what he's a shark.

This lore goes too deep that ain't Phineas that's Philippines.

Well, boys become anime girls.

But a lot of these were super cool, I don't know what to say that was pretty cool.

Oh guys, guys, you guys ready for this.

If you guys enjoyed the video like subscribe, this is random streaming today, twitch.com.

And thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video? Wow.


Can AI generate memes? ›

Yes! Supermeme.ai is an AI meme generator that lets you generate memes by simply typing in a text. We're building a meme generator that's purpose built for meme creation. You can add your own text, resize the font and move things around just as you would on other meme generators.

What AI is used for memes? ›

makememe.ai is one of the most widely used tools on the internet. It is powered by OpenAI's GPT-3. The platform allows you to create your original meme template. Individuals can use this meme generator without prior image editing knowledge.

Why is artificial intelligence so difficult? ›

Complexity: AI is complex and involves understanding a variety of fields such as computer science, statistics, calculus, and more. Lack of Adequate Tools: Most existing tools and processes in artificial intelligence were developed for traditional software.

How do you use artificial intelligence in our daily life? ›

What are the Applications of Artificial Intelligence?
  1. Personalized Shopping. ...
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  4. Administrative Tasks Automated to Aid Educators. ...
  5. Creating Smart Content. ...
  6. Voice Assistants. ...
  7. Personalized Learning. ...
  8. Autonomous Vehicles.
Jun 22, 2023

Is it illegal to use AI-generated art? ›

Can AI Art Be Copyrighted? It has long been the posture of the U.S. Copyright Office that there is no copyright protection for works created by non-humans, including machines. Therefore, the product of a generative AI model cannot be copyrighted. The root of this issue lies in the way generative AI systems are trained.

Are you allowed to use AI-generated images? ›

The US Copyright Office left open the door for protecting works with AI-generated elements. Any images that are produced by giving a text prompt to current generative AI models, such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion , cannot be copyrighted in the US.

Who creates memes? ›

Most memes are designed by users on their own PCs. They will often take a familiar photo or video for this and add their own text or subtitles. Alternatively, they may produce or edit graphics to create new memes. Once a meme has been created, it is shared via social networks.

What is the AI thing everyone is posting? ›

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Complex Decision-Making and Critical Thinking Jobs

Analysts and scientists are jobs that AI can never replace as they require domain knowledge and critical thinking skills to derive insights and identify patterns.

Why are some people afraid of AI? ›

Among the other concerns: AI systems, left unchecked, can spread disinformation, allow companies to hoard users personal data without their knowledge, exhibit discriminatory bias or cede countless human jobs to machines.

Can a weak AI learn? ›

Limited learning abilities: While some weak AI systems can learn and improve over time, they are limited in their learning abilities. They require significant amounts of data to learn and can only improve within their narrow area of expertise.

Is Siri artificial intelligence? ›

Yes. Alexa and Siri are applications powered by artificial intelligence. They rely on natural language processing and machine learning, two subsets of AI, to improve performance over time.

What is the most common type of AI used today? ›

Reactive machines and limited memory AI are the most common types today. They're both a form of narrow intelligence (which we'll discuss further below) because it can't perform beyond programmed capabilities.

Can AI substitute human imagination? ›

The answer is no, because machines cannot acquire the “consciousness” – the awareness of one's own existence, thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings – that would inspire such a revolt.

Is copying memes legal? ›

Since most of the pictures and photographs used in memes are protected by copyright, sharing them without authorization is illegal.

Can AI truly invent things? ›

However, the law also requires that the inventor must be a person who has contributed in some material way to the invention's conception. Therefore, under current law, only a human is capable of being named as inventor and the AI system is simply a tool they utilise as part of an innovation process.

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