offensive memes that if ylyl v227 (2023)


offensive memes that if ylyl v227

We all love it , offensive memes. Today i have yet again made a dank meme compilation with lots of offensive memes to spice things up. Most of these memes are in low resolution! Love you guys :)


Enjoy :)

DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purposes only. The purpose of my videos are to make you laugh at funny memes. They are not intended to bully/harras ANYONE. (also the thumbnail is edited)

Memes for Today:
- Unusual Memes Compilation/Unusual Memes
- TikTok Memes
- Minecraft Memes
- Reddit Memes
- Perfectly Cut Screams Memes
- You Laugh You Lose

#offensivememes #watchpeoplediefrominside #youlaughyoulose
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Foreign here's, another, easy, dance for Halloween.

Step tap step, tap scare scare foreign.


So I will say, I'm, stupid for drinking, uh that knife fell out of that little [, __ ] knife container thing.

No everything that you're doing I'm recording so you're already in violation by teabagging of terms and conditions through the new Microsoft Clause.

You can say goodbye to your account buddy, please subscribe to really help a lot only top at five percent of you guys are actually subscribed also join my Discord server to submit your memes for the next compilation.

The link is in the description and enjoy the video buckle up brother.

Hold on man.

Hold on hold on.

Please, please who is that coming off the goddamn pick and roll attention brother got the baby blue in e r.


So don't get my coconut.

Yep, that's, awesome.

Thank you for sharing about your dog.

Thank you for making that of course, I would love to know right now why sincerely Kaylee is crying, and it is laughing in the comment section while we are trying to memorialize Duncan.

Thank you.

Sin City was a Navy Yard I'm.

The biggest bird I'm, the biggest bird I'm, the biggest bird I'm.

The biggest Christmas cool, big bugs, coming big, though City smack posted in that jet smoking big, though I'm a station we broke up, literally a year ago.

Can you please stop playing chess with my dad on messenger it's disgusting, just because I lost the queen? Doesn't mean, I give up the king big game big game.

We skipped a big game cause the BK memes have been insane, y'all really do it better than we do.

So we took the night off to give this song to you.

Thank you.


Am currently hitting the gritty for Ukraine join our Discord server now and let's hit the griddy for your country together.

Look Bal is already hitting the gritty for the UK be like Bo click, the link in the bio now, please foreign, oh I'm here to help.

Yo, bro what's.

The quote of the day I must be in the NBA, the way I like these young boys.

Welcome home.

Welcome home.

The jack-o-lantern the chocolate ice, oh no hooray.

Thank you have some more chicken have some more pie.

It doesn't matter if it's boiled or fried have some more chicken have some more pie.

It doesn't matter if it's boiled or fried, my door, genuinely sounds like a Minion from Despicable Me, hi I'm, a Minion from Despicable.


A story for you can I get a western bacon.

Cheeseburger combo.

Oh sure what size, uh can I get a medium.

Oh I did so much.

My life I can't, hardly walk I need some help to tell please now, you know what kind of phone I got I know it don't say, Android when I post, hey, hey, yeah, can I get a h.

Thank you.

This feels bright because it is top 10, Gooby.


Number 10 we go.

Oh my God.

Oh no.

No, no.








No come on.

There is no [ __ ] way.

Y'all about to get away with this [, __, ], bro.

This [ __ ] came with the in a month like God, damn bro that looks like Skeletor.

Does it not I mean that totally reminds me of the time? When somebody told me that potato has a [ __ ] as a Skeletor animation character, Skeletor and it's based on the potato as a skull about the baked potato shaped as a Skeletor as you wished so damn.

Damn, uh, oh guess what day it is old languages sounded like what's evening, where is the rest? Okay? Good morning.

Tiffany of the teriyaki chicken with no vegetables, I want to know how that why don't I have sesame chicken.

I'm, sorry, I have a boyfriend.

What I just asked, why don't you have sex all right? So we have 16 minus nine very simple.

Math problem.

Watch this 16., we know that is 4 squared, 9 that's, 3 squared.

What do we have here? A difference of squares, we're going to factor that 4 plus 3.

times, 4 minus three, perfect let's.

Multiply that out 4 and 4 is 16 4 and negative 3 is negative 12.

3 and 4 is 12.

And then we got four negative, three, four, nine, perfect.


We'll cancel.

These twelves out that'll, give us 16 minus nine.


Come over here.

We're doing 16 minus nine.

All right 9 is bigger than six let's, get rid of the one here that's going to give us 16 minus nine all right and then we're up to here.

And again, we get 16 minus nine.


This little [ __ ] is a rogue US military asset.

And a danger to Public Safety NORAD has deployed bro.

Your car is so complicated like what does this even do it? No way? Big bro, you Spiderman, oh, hell.

No what the [ __ ].

Inflation is crazy.

Laughs funny right? I bought this at a [, __, ], yard sale, I'm just trying to watch the mass by Jim Carrey I, get this [, __, ], [, __, ].

What the [ __ ] is that nothing like a good cold can of okay, no Nobody's, Gonna, Know, nobody's, gonna know they're gonna know they on point Cause.

You never know when it's gonna get tragic, you know that bath mat in here.

What always hey, where'd, you get that you need that plant fruit I, hold him up.

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