Parker McKenna Posey Bio, Affair, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age (2024)

Parker McKenna Posey: Biography in Details

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Who is Parker McKenna Posey?

Parker McKenna Posey is a well-recognized American actress, curator, designer, philanthropist, and TV actress.

Posey is best famed for her role in the American superhero movie Superman Returnsand ABC’s television showMy Wife and Kids.

Moreover, she has also appeared in movies like Lucky Girl(2015), 90 Minutes of the Fever(2016), This is Real(2017), and Streets of Money(2017).

How many siblings does Parker McKenna Posey have?

Parker McKenna Posey was born on 18 August 1995. At present, her age is 28 years old. Likewise, her birthplace is Los Angeles, California, the USA. She was born at Cedar Sinai Hospital.

Parker is the daughter of her father, Polo Posey whereas her mother is Heather Stone.

Moreover, she has two siblings as well, Carl Posey, and Jewel Posey. Also, she has three half-siblings, Khari, Dilynne, andJake Posey.

Talking about her nationality, Posey holds an American identity whereas her ethnicity is mixed ( African American, Italian, and Irish).

Regarding education, the actress took her early education at Baldwin Hills Elementary School.

Additionally, Parker McKenna Posey also studied at Emblem Elementary School and Tesoro Del Valle Elementary. Later, Parker finished her graduate degree from Valencia High School.

Parker McKenna Posey- Professional Life, Careers

Parker McKenna Poseyintroduced herself to the acting industry when she was just two years old. She emerged in a commercial advertisem*nt for Kodak. Later, she became the model for Disney catalogs. Moreover, she also portrayed a younger Macy Gray in her music video “Sweet Sweet Baby”. Posey starred in the hit ABC sitcom “My Wife and Kids” at the very young age of four. There, she performed the role of Kady Kyle.

The actress had gained huge popularity in her childhood. She was nominated forYoung Artist Award in 2002 in the category, “Best Performance in a TV series – Young Actress Age Ten or Under”. Likewise, Mckenna emerged as a guest performing the role of LaTanya Tillman on the crime drama series,NYPD Blue in 2001. She also performed on a feminist medical drama series,Strong Medicinein 2004.

However, the series, ‘My Wife and Kids’ was canceled after five seasons. Additionally, Posey has performed in many TV films like Meet the Santas, Summer Camp, iCarly, and Alice Upside Down. The prominent actress took a long break of six years from her acting career.

Parker McKenna Poseymade a comeback in 2015 performing in a short documentary, Lucky Girl. Freshly, she has appeared in movies such as 90 Minutes of the Fever (2016), This is Real, Streets of Money and Snowfall, and so on in 2017.

What is Parker McKenna Posey’s Net Worth?

Talented actress, Mckenna has earned large wealth from her dedication to the acting industry ever since her childhood.

She has earned from various commercials and advertisem*nts as well.

It is reported that Parker McKenna Posey has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Similarly, she returned to acting as a bonafide actress appearing in movies, television shows, commercials, and stage productions.

Moreover, Parker McKenna Posey earns an average of $51 per hour. Also, she lives a lavish lifestyle and owns some luxurious cars such as Rubicon Jeep, Range Rover, and Mclaren.

Parker McKenna Posey- Rumors, Controversy

When Parker was in a relationship with actor, Mandela Van Peebles in 2013 and there comes to a controversy in the media.

It was regarding a blog post by a prominent blogger Sandra Rose, where she mentioned Posey as a bisexual.

However, Posey’s mother wrote a letter to the blogger mentioning the post was to create a bad image of Parker.

Additionally, Parker McKenna Posey was rumored to be dating rapper Problem. The couple was exposed in a picture spending quality time in Honolulu, Dating.

Body features- Height, Weight

25 years old star, Parker Mckenna Posey has gorgeous looks, hot figures, and a charming personality as well.

She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Also, she has a balanced body weight of 57 kg.

Furthermore, Posey has dark brown eyes as well as her hair is dark brown. Parker’s bra size is 32 C and the dress size is 4 (US).

Her body measures 35-25-36 inches (chest-waist-hip) respectively. Likewise, she wears a shoe size of 8 (US).

Social Media

Regarding her social media presence, Parker McKenna Posey is an active personality on social media.

Parker has more than 1.5 million followers on her official Instagram account @parkermckennaaa.

Parker McKenna Poseyis also active on Twitter with around 63,4k followers.

Moreover, Mckenna is also available on Facebook with nearly 61.5k fans and supporters.

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Parker McKenna Posey's Birthday Dates

Parker McKenna Posey Bio, Affair, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age (2024)


Is Parker McKenna Posey in a relationship? ›

'My Wife And Kids' Star Parker McKenna Posey And Partner Jay Jay Wilson Welcome Their First Child. The 25-year-old actress announced the news on Instagram.

Does Parker Posey have a child? ›

In 2018, Parker's ex-boyfriend, Chris Sails was arrested for assaulting her. In May 2021, Parker shared a video on her Instagram profile where she revealed that she had just given birth to a baby girl, Harley.

Who is Parker Posey's baby daddy? ›

Surprise! On Sunday, Parker McKenna Posey, 25, revealed on Instagram that she recently welcomed her first baby, daughter Harley, with partner Jay Jay Wilson.

How old was Katie on My Wife and Kids? ›

Parker McKenna Posey was only 6 years old when she played youngest daughter Kady Kyle -- opposite her on-screen father Damon Wayans -- in the family friendly sitcom, "My Wife and Kids." Check out what she looks like now at 20 years old!

Did Parker McKenna Posey have a baby? ›

Parker McKenna Posey Reveals She Welcomed First Baby, Daughter Harley: 'My Biggest Blessing' Surprise! On Sunday, Parker McKenna Posey, 25, revealed on Instagram that she recently welcomed her first baby, daughter Harley, with partner Jay Jay Wilson.

Who is the youngest child on My Wife and Kids? ›

Parker McKenna Posey played Kady Kyle, the youngest child who appeared innocent but often used her charm to manipulate her siblings. Posey followed up her time in the My Wife and Kids cast with several small roles in shows like iCarly, but she transitioned into more mature parts as the years wore on.

Is Parker Posey a twin? ›

In real life, Parker Posey actually has a twin brother Christopher Posey.

Does Parker McKenna Posey have a sister? ›

Where did Parker Posey go to college? ›

Posey attended the State University of New York at Purchase, where she studied drama. Posey got her first break in television with the role of Tess Shelby on the daytime soap opera As the World Turns.

What is Parker Posey most famous for? ›

Her breakthrough role came when she played the lead character in the film "Party Girl" (1995), and she continued to create unique characters in films like "Flirt" (1995), "Kicking and Screaming" (1996), and "Basquiat" (1996).

Is Parker Posey in Mr. and Mrs. Smith? ›

'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' Amazon Series Casts Parker Posey, Wagner Moura (Exclusive) - IMDb.

Does Parker Posey have Instagram? ›

Parker Posey (@itsparkerposey) • Instagram photos and videos.

Was Jay pregnant on My Wife and Kids? ›

It's hard to believe that the sitcom had "played itself out" when My Wife and Kids season 6 would've picked up on a life-changing note. Fans of the show could've only guessed what sort of situations could've occurred during and after Jay's pregnancy. Especially because the baby was a surprise, to begin with.

Who is Katie's boyfriend on My Wife and Kids? ›

Franklin Aloyisious Mumford is Kady's playmate and boyfriend first introduced in season three's "Jay the Artist".

Why did Claire leave My Wife and Kids? ›

Jazz left the show because her mother objected to a plot development. According to The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable Shows, producers recast the role of Claire after Jazz's mother objected to a storyline in which one of Claire's friends becomes pregnant.

Did Parker and Savannah date? ›

Parker and Savannah may no longer be together.

While Parker didn't share whether he and Savannah are still together now (after filming for Buckhead Shore has ended), there's no evidence on either of their Instagram accounts to suggest they're still going strong.

Who has Megan Mckenna dated? ›

Things are going very well in Megan's personal life, too. The 30-year-old, who previously dated the likes of TOWIE bad boy Pete Wicks and recently jailed Stephen Bear, tells us she's totally smitten with Millwall FC footballer Oliver Burke, 26, and feels “positive” about her life.

Who dated Tyler Posey? ›

Previously, the MTV star was romantically linked to Seana Gorlick, Bella Thorne, Sophia Ali and Miley Cyrus. In fact, the Hannah Montana star was Tyler's first kiss!

Is Parker Posey her real name? ›

Parker Christian Posey (born November 8, 1968) is an American actress and musician.

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