The Best Custom CHIP BAG Tutorial: How to Design & Assemble CHIP BAGS with Cricut {{FREE TEMPLATE}💥 (2023)


Must see!!! 💥{{CHIP BAG Complete GUIDE}} All you need to know about making THE BEST Chip Bags from Cero using Canva.

Free blank chip bag template from my blog →

Artis →
Agnostic Mirossa →

Hawaiian turtle →

Barcode generator or QR code →

CANON printer→
Epson Ecotank printer→

Koala – Inkjet Glossy Photo Paper 30lb →
Koala – Inkjet Matte Photo Paper 29lb→

Crimper →
Pinking Shears →
Hot Glue Gun →

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The Best Custom CHIP BAG Tutorial: How to Design & Assemble CHIP BAGS with Cricut {{FREE TEMPLATE} #chipbags #cricut #birthdayparty


Hello and welcome to a new tutorial.

This is daisy in today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to make beautiful custom chip bags with cricut design space and free template.

And the supplies needed for this project are any color printer? Pink photo paper.

I am using koala 30 pounds, inject glossy photo paper.

I love this paper to make the cheap bags because it's thin flexible and resistant.

Now, if you wish to crimp the back openings, you are going to need a paper, crimper scissors or painting chairs and a hot glue gun find the list and links of the supplies to use in the description below I'm going to start working with the design in the cricut design space program.

But before I would like to invite you to please support my channel by subscribing liking commenting.

And by pressing the notification bell before I start designing the chip back.

I will show you how to create your own qr or barcode to create the qr or barcode.

I use barcode

I will link it in the video description down below here.

You may create your very own qr or barcode using your email website, facebook, instagram, pinterest, tik, tok, etc, select the type of code.

You wish to create type your information click on create barcode.

And you will have it on the right click on download.

And now you already have it on your computer.

This is a standard barcode, select qr code above and do the same process and ready now to download the free nutrition facts and free template visit my blog find the link in the video description down below when finished with the downloads go to the cricut design space program.

Now I'm going to show you how to upload the images to the cricut canva go to upload upload image, browse select the image.

You wish to insert open.

It select complex continue apply and continue select the one that says, print and cut upload select it and add to the canva do the same process for all the images that you need to upload to the canvas.

Now, select the template and resize it to 9.25 by 6.75 inches.

This is the biggest you can print on a letter size paper using cricut design space.

Now, we're going to start designing the custom chip bag, click on shapes and insert a square, unlock it and resize it to 9.25 by 0.6 and place it on top of the template to change the color click on operation and select the color of your choice.

Now I'm going to add pictures.

Text, the nutrition facts and the barcodes.

There are two ways we can add images to the chip bag, a picture that covers old page like this one or with small picture like this other one to this one, you can add background with color or design I'm going to add this picture to this template.

I downloaded this picture from creative fabrica, I'm going to leave you the link in the video description down below in case you would like to use it pick the design according to the location there are several sites where you can buy beautiful images.

Also there are sites that offer free downloads now I'm going to add text click on the t on the left and start typing resize it.

Now to change the font, click on font.

And if you pay the membership click on cricut, if you don't click on system there, you will find the fonts that you already have on your computer I'm going to use one that is called artists.

This one is from creative fabrica, I'm going to link all the fonts in the description down below, you can leave it like that, or you may curve, it click on curve and curve it to your liking now I'm going to add text on the bottom.

This other font is called agnostic mirosa, also from creative fabric.

Now, I'm going to work on the sides when we finish customizing we're going to remove the template.

You could print it like this.

Or you may add a background to add a background, click on shapes and insert a square click on the lock and resize it to 9.25 by 5.55 go to arrange and send it to the back now go to operation and change the color.

Also, you can add a background with pattern, select the area go to operation.

Instead of cut change it to print.

Then cut click on the color block.

And instead of color, you're going to select pattern, you can use any of the patterns that crica design space has or you can add your own pattern I'm going to add this one that I just uploaded now click on edit pattern and resize it to your liking.

Now it already has a background with pattern I'm going to show you really quick how you can add patterns to your cricut design space program go to upload.

Instead of image, select pattern fill upload pattern browse select the image open.

It upload go to the canva go to operation click on the color block.

And there you will find the pattern that you just uploaded.

Now, this design is ready to be printed, or you can add more details on top and bottom.

If you wish, but before printing, we have to select all and click on flatten make sure it measures 9.25 by 6.75 then click on make it continue send to printer remove the bleed click on use system.

Dialog click on print, select the printer.

You are going to use click on preferences, select photo printing on media type, you're going to select glossy photo paper.

If you are using glossy photo paper or matte, if you are using matte photo paper on quality, you're going to select high make sure it's on letter size, click, ok, then print.

Here are the printing to start assembling the chip bags.

This is the one printed with glossy photo paper.

This one is the 30 pound glossy photo paper from koala.

I also wanted to say that if you don't have photo paper, you can print in regular paper, it's, not glossy.

But the colors still look, beautiful, I'm going to cut on one side using scissors or a guillotine.

This printing will wrap one ounce chip bags.

And here we have the cute custom chip bags designed with cricut design space.

If you would like to learn how to create bigger bags.

I invite you to watch my tutorial where I show you how to design them with camba.

I also have a tutorial where I show you how to customize caprison pouches find the links in the video description down below.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and please don't forget to support my channel by subscribing liking commenting.

And by pressing the notification bell, thank you for your visit and I'll.

See you in my next tutorial you.


What are the measurements for chip bag template? ›

Custom Chip Bag Size 6.3" x 6.2" Blank Template, Party Favor Snack Bag Template | Cricut Silhouette | Silhouette Studio | Paper Size Legal.

What is the best paper for custom chip bags? ›

Pretty, Party & Crafty's Party Printables Glossy Inkjet Paper is the best paper for custom chip bags. It's also great for other treat wrappers such as fruit snacks, gummy bears, chocolate bars and more. Waterproof sticker paper is also available if you're creating matching juice pouch labels.

What material is used for chip bags? ›

Potato Chip Bags

Take a bag of potato chips. It's mostly made out of a plastic called oriented polypropylene. "It's an excellent moisture barrier," Brody notes. And that's key, "because potato chips first start to deteriorate by absorbing moisture.

What materials do I need to start using my Cricut? ›

At a minimum, you'll need a weeding tool and a scraper tool. Cricut offers a few beginner kits, including a Basic Tool Set and an Essential Tool Set. These kits come with the most essential handheld tools, including tweezers, a weeding tool, scissors, a small spatula, scraper, a scoring stylus, and a paper trimmer.

Can Cricut print on plastic bags? ›

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette, you can quickly and easily personalize hundreds of clear plastic boxes or bags by screen printing them with vinyl. This is a great way to save money by making your own personalized party favors.

What size is a bag of chips? ›

Lay's Classic Potato Chips, 8 oz Bag.

How many layers are in a chip bag? ›

Most bags for potato chips and other crispy snacks are made with three layers of polymer materials: a moisture barrier on the inside (usually biaxially oriented polypropylene), low-density polyethylene in the middle and an outer layer of thermoplastic resin.

What are the 3 measurements of a bag? ›

The first measurement is the length, the second is the width, and the third is the height. Keep in mind that the handles are not included in the height. For the Length: Measure, with the bag standing to face you, at the bottom of the bag from left to right.

How do you keep chip bags organized? ›

When it comes to storing bags of potato chips, clear storage containers with rigid walls offer several clear advantages over tossing the bags directly onto your pantry's shelves. Clear containers create an airtight environment that helps maintain the freshness of potato chips.

Can I sell items made with Cricut? ›

Can I Sell Products I Make With My Cricut? The short answer is YES, you can sell the products you make with your Cricut!

Can I sell products made with Cricut design Space? ›

You need to ensure that you have permission to sell the designs you are using on the products you are making. Thankfully, at Cricut, we have your back! Our Angel Policy states that you can sell some of the things you make using designs from Cricut Design Space.

What fills chip bags? ›

Thought that your potato chip bag was puffed up with air? The cushion actually is nitrogen gas. Chip manufacturers fill bags with this preservative gas to help keep chips fresh.

Which paper would make the strongest paper bag? ›

Kraft Paper

This material is made of softwood sulphate, a thick light-brown, yellowish-brown, white or cream paper-making material with a weight of between 80 and 120 grams. The tensile force of kraft paper is high. It comes in variations of no-grain, single or double light, or stripes.

What are the colored dots on chip bags for? ›

But what are those little colored circles on the package of potato chips? They are there so the printer gets the colors right on the packaging. The bag of chips was once just a bag, and before that, it was on a large roll that gets cut, folded and glued to make the bag.

What printing method is used for plastic bags? ›

Flexography is one of the most popular techniques for printing on plastic shipping envelopes and bags. It works in a process that's very similar to letterpress printing. Letterpress is very rigid and flat, but uses raised letters to print on the paper.

What is the best material for chips packaging? ›

Composite can, also known as rigid paper or paperboard containers help prevent delicate foods like chips to crush. This packaging also helps in preserving the quality of your favourite snack. Primarily, the freshness of the products can be kept longer with resealable lids.

What is the air in chip bags called? ›

What is the secret that keeps potato chips fresh and crisp? If you guessed nitrogen, you are right. Nitrogen in chip bags ensures that food processing and packaging companies can protect the quality and integrity of everyone's favorite hearty snack.

Why are chip bags silver inside? ›

Did you notice the inside of the chip bag is shiny silver? The bag is made of thin aluminum foil sandwiched between plastic. The aluminum helps to keep the bag airtight. Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic wave; when they hit the aluminum, they make electric currents flow back and forth in the aluminum foil.

What is recommended for your first Cricut project? ›

Card making is usually one of the first Cricut projects for beginners because you can make your own cards for any occasion! These Halloween lanterns are spooky and so easy to make! Use your Cricut machine to pre-cut all the pieces for this adorable baby Yoda paper bag puppet.

What Cricut is best for beginners? ›

What is the best Cricut for a beginner? The best machine for a beginner on a budget is the Cricut Explore 3. The Cricut Explore 3 is Cricut's most popular machine, and for a good reason! It cuts over 100 materials: cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, and specialty materials like glitter paper, cork, and bonded fabric.

What is the easiest Cricut to make? ›

Cricut Maker

The Maker is a fantastic first Cricut for crafters because it is just as easy to use as the other Cricuts, but has so much added functionality. It can be used with a wide new range of tools like the Rotary Blade for fabric and the Knife Blade for thick materials like wood and leather.

How do you seal Cricut vinyl on plastic? ›

To seal vinyl, simply apply a coat of mod podge over your vinyl decal using a brush, just like you would with paint. Mod Podge works great for adding a personalized touch to mugs, tumblers, plates, and other dishwares.

What is the best vinyl for plastic bags? ›

First, be sure to use permanent adhesive vinyl like Oracal 651. Removable vinyl (like Oracal 631) would not last as long on your bag.

Does Cricut vinyl adhere to plastic? ›

Because plastic is generally a very smooth and non-porous surface, it is perfect for adhesive vinyl.

What is the best size for chips? ›

Thank you for subscribing!

In fact the 'perfect chip' should be precisely 7cm long, 1.2cm wide, 1.2cm deep, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. That's according to a survey of 2,000 adults carried out by the Food Advisory Board.

How many chips are in a 2 oz bag? ›

1. Better Made Original (2oz) = 80 chips.

How many bags of chips do I need for 20 people? ›

For a party of 20 people or less, fill a large basket, bowl or tub with four to five family-size bags of chips. Add a big scoop to make serving a snap.

Do chip bags need that much air? ›

Actually, the answer is no. What many of us have mistaken for atmospheric air in our chip is actually nitrogen. In fact, oxygen would cause the chips to go stale and oils to become rancid. This process is known as “slack fill”, which is even thought to make chips taste better.

Why are chip bags filled to the top? ›

The top half (or two-thirds) of the bag is pumped full of gas before it's sealed. This gives chips some room to move in the event the bag is jostled, jabbed, or jerked after the chips leave the manufacturer and before they end up in your hand at the vending machine or grocery store.

Why are chip bags 50% air? ›

It turns out, that empty space in your chip bag isn't just air — it's Nitrogen gas, which is meant to stop the chips from breaking in the package as well as expel air, which actually turns the chips stale.

What does D mean in bag size? ›

Note: Depth (D) is the shorter of the 2 sides. 1. Width (W) of the bag = width of the box + 1” 2. Depth (D) of the bag = depth of the box + 1”

What is a 3 in 1 bag? ›

3 style in 1 bag,each bag with removable strap, removable belt and removable handle, it can easily turn into crossbody bag,waist bag or Clutch Bag..

How do I calculate my bag size? ›

You should select the closest (larger) size available to ensure you can enclose your box/can and have enough excess to fold and tape/seal the bags properly. For example, if the dimensions of your box are 4Hx5Wx12L(D), then your bag Length =12+4+1=15 and your bag Width =5+4+1=10. You will need a bag at least 15Lx10W.

Why are chip bags getting smaller? ›

It's called shrinkflation and it's the process by which brands reduce the amount of product they sell to you so as not to have to increase its price in the face of inflation (it should be clarified that sometimes they do it too, although there is no inflation, to increase their profit margins).

Where is the best place to store chips? ›

Putting potato chips in the freezer extends their freshness from a matter of days to months when stored properly in a sealed, air-tight bag. So when the instructions on the bag say to store in a cool, dry place, your freezer provides all that!

What kind of plastic can my Cricut cut? ›

It is true that you can cut acrylic with your Cricut as long as it is the right type of acrylic. The Circut is capable of cutting materials up to 2.4 mm thick. The Cricut Maker has 10 times the force of the other machines but that does not mean your Air 2 will not be able to work with cutting your acrylic designs.

What size is a custom chip bag? ›

Custom Chip Bag Size 6.36" x 4.7" Blank Template, Party Favor, Custom Snack Bags | Cricut Silhouette | Silhouette Studio | Paper Size Letter. Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed. Here's how. Instant download items don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations.

How do you seal Cricut chipboard? ›

You need to seal the chipboard before you paint it. I like to use Americana Gloss Sealer, but you could also use Modge Podge or Gesso. Once that is dry spray your anchor with blue spray paint, one coat of paint was perfect.

What is the best tool to cut chipboard with? ›

A circular saw gives slightly better results than a jigsaw as the cutting action is in one direction so you should only encounter chip-out on the underside of the panel. It is also easier to achieve a longer, straight cut (either with or without using a straight edge / guide) with a circular saw.

Do I need a new blade to cut chipboard on Cricut? ›

We recommend using Knife Blade to cut Cricut Chipboard, 2mm only because it is made of high-grade material. Using other chipboard materials may damage Knife Blade.

What is the thickest material a Cricut maker can cut? ›

How thick can my material be with Cricut Maker machines? 3/32 of an inch, or 2.4mm. Click here for more info on cutting thicker materials.

What is the thickest plastic a Cricut can cut? ›

For the Cricut Maker, the thickest material the device can cut is 2.4 mm thick, giving you a greater range of options to choose from. Unlike the Explore Air series, the Maker cutter does not use the smart dial settings for determining the type of material to cut.

What is the thickest plastic Cricut maker can cut? ›

Tip: If your material is not listed here, try a test cut with a similar material setting, provided the thickness of your material is less than 2.0 mm for Cricut Explore, and less than 2.4 mm for Cricut Maker. The maximum thickness can also vary with the rigidity of the cutting material.

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